Locations of IWG High Performance Conductors

Inman Facility - Trenton Facility


Location: Inman, SC
Certifications: ISO 9001-2008, AS 9100-Rev. C
Facility Size: 315,000 ft²
Property: 78 Acres

  • Rod Breakdown Machines

  • Silver, Nickel, & Tin Electroplaters

  • Heavy and Intermediate Bunchers / Stranders

  • Planteary Cablers

  • Multiple Winders, Respoolers, Rolling Mills, Annealing
    Ovens and Testing Equipment

Production / Process Information:

  • Silver, Nickel, and Tin Plated ETP and Oxygen Free Copper

  • Silver and Nickel Plated Copper Alloys such as CDA 162

  • Proprietary Alloy Systems such as Tensile-Flex® (135),
    HPC-80EF, HPC-35EF and CS-95®

  • Precision-Tolerance Flat Conductors plated with Silver, Nickel, or Tin

  • Constructions include single end, 7/19/37 strand, smooth bunch, bobbin and ropes

  • Production utilizing lean techniques; cellular manufacturing,
    kanban, 5S, and single-piece flow






Location: Trenton, GA
Certifications: ISO 9001-2008
Facility Size: 100,000 ft²
Property: 20 Acres


  • Intermediate & Fine Wire Drawing Machines

  • Intermediate & Fine Bunchers / Stranders

  • Film Insulating Ovens

  • Multiple Bobbin Winders, Respoolers, Batch & Strand
    Annealing Ovens and Testing Equipment

Production / Process Information:

  • Ultra-fine wire from 44 to 52 awg (0.002-0.0008in) with the
    capability of producing 56 awg (0.0005in) CS-95® wire

  • Engineering excellence in producing tubing and wire
    components for medical products

  • Product innovations include PTFE, PD-Slick®, conductor
    embedded tubing and thermoplastic hybrids

  • 10 types of polymide based medical tubing and 15 types of film
    insulated conductor material

  • Tinsel wire in multiple conductor/fiber combinations

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ISO 9001
AS 9100


National Electronic Manufactures Associations
SAE Aerospace Standards Commitee
ASTM International