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Electroplated coatings are applied to bare conductors to prevent oxidation (corrosion) and enhance termination performance (solderability). Silver, nickel and
tin are the common electroplated coatings used for conductors in the aerospace and electronics industries.

Silver Coating:

Nickel Coating:

Tin Coating:

Validation Test for Coating Thickness – The wire and cable industry uses electronic determination incorporating an electro-chemical
de-plating process as the standard test method for coating thickness, which is commonly known as the Kocour test method.
Kocour refers to the manufacturer of the equipment used for the test. ASTM B298 (silver plating), B355 (nickel plating),
and B965 (tin plating) define the Kocour test method for the specific plating type.

Continuity of Coating Test – The noted ASTM standards validate the continuity of coating with a sodium polysulfide
test method that blackens areas of exposed copper on
the surface of the test specimen.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
AS 9100


National Electronic Manufactures Associations
SAE Aerospace Standards Commitee
ASTM International